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  1. Notion for Project & Portfolio Data Mgmt & Team Wikis

  2. Celsia: for Article 8/9 EU Fund Taxonomy Reporting (see overview video on Article 8/9 EU Taxonomy reporting reqs) - 20% OFF for folks from our session!

  3. Net0 Insights for Climate Startup Market Intelligence (email team for special 10% OFF offer for our community)

  4. Rundit: for Portfolio Management, Monitoring & Reporting

  5. Totem VC for VC Fund Backend & Portfolio Mgmt System (book a time with the team). Special Offer: 15% OFF for Sept with link here

  6. Brightest for ESG and Social Responsibility Monitoring & Reporting

  7. Anthesis Group [for Sustainability Consulting Firm for Real Corporate Innovation](mailto:[email protected][email protected]&subject=Help%20with%20corporate%20sustainability%20from%204WARD.VC%27s%20network)

  8. Nori [for Marketplace for Verified Carbon Credits & Offsetting (email the team)](mailto:[email protected][email protected]&subject=Buying%20carbon%20credits%20from%20your%20platform)

  9. Invest like a Climate Tech VC 2-day workshop

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