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Why we created this Program

  1. The climate field is evolving daily with new reporting frameworks, decarbonization levers, emissions calculations methodologies, etc. We wanted to put all the relevant resources in one place for our ecosystem to explore and contribute while accelerating decarbonization.
  2. The corporate climate consulting space is as competitive as ever. Gain competitive advantage, win more contracts, and retain clients longer by going beyond the assigned project and delivering tailored solutions that drive emissions reductions and hit SDG goals.
  3. Climate tech companies have proven to be powerful partners in helping corporates decarbonize but this partnership is largely under-utilized. Bring innovative solutions to your clients they likely wouldn't have found on their own. And be sure to take all the credit :)

Program Onboarding & Resource Hub Overview Video

Consulting Program Onboarding & Resource Hub Overview Video

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Most Recommended Resources

  1. Notion for Team Knowledge Bases & Project Mgmt

  2. Brightest for ESG and Social Responsibility Monitoring & Reporting

  3. Net0 Insights for Climate Startup Market Intelligence (email team for special offer)

  4. Anthesis Group [for Sustainability Consulting Firm for Real Corporate Innovation](mailto:[email protected][email protected]&subject=Help%20with%20corporate%20sustainability%20from%204WARD.VC%27s%20network)

  5. Nori [for Marketplace for Verified Carbon Credits & Offsetting (email the team)](mailto:[email protected][email protected]&subject=Buying%20carbon%20credits%20from%20your%20platform)

  6. for landing a job in climate tech space & building your network

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